Thursday, February 26, 2015

More Brisket at MEAT

Bourbon, beans, and brisket. #yegfood

I was planning a return visit to MEAT since I went there for the first time over the weekend, but did not realize the opportunity would arise so quickly. Earlier this week I had supper there, and as I already decided, had the half pound of brisket with a small side of vegetarian baked beans. The meat was divine. I did not even need a fork to cut it. The beans were also excellent in texture and flavour in a rich, tomato sauce with beans that were firm - sort of like the bean equivalent to al dente pasta. However, the beans were also loaded with jalapenos and as such, were extremely spicy. Even with half the amount of jalapenos, it would have out my mouth on fire. It was spicier than the spicy barbecue sauce (which I quite liked). I have more plans to try menu items at MEAT, but I am thinking I may skip the side and just order more meat.

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