Monday, February 23, 2015

Brisket Sandwich at MEAT

Brisket sandwich #yegfood

I finally had the chance to try MEAT over the weekend. The place certainly lives up to its name as the menu features a variety of meat from brisket to chicken to ribs, and even fried chicken and sausage. I went for the brisket sandwich. The fresh baguette was piled high with pulled brisket which was smoked to perfection. It was literally melting in my mouth. However, I did not particularly care for the horseradish dressing and would have much preferred one of the four barbecue sauces made in-house. I liked the cherry the best, while the mustard had a nice kick to it. I skipped the spicy one, knowing it would probably blow the roof of my mouth off. The sandwich came with a side of garlic fries, and next time I would definitely ask for them plain. They are VERY strong after having been tossed in garlic oil. Or, I would try one of the many other sides such as beans, coleslaw, or yam mash. I love the rustic wood that dominates the decor and there is a nice bar area (where I sat). I even tried bourbon for the first time. The bartender was very helpful in my choice and I found that bourbon goes very well with brisket. I will definitely return, but I think next time I will go for one of the orders of meat with a side, rather than a sandwich.

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