Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Pho Files: Steak and Brisket at Pho Rice Pot

Pho Rice Pot has many different soups on themenu, but surprisingly, the only choice for beef pho (as opposed to satay and other styles) is their special with steak, brisket, tendon, and beef balls.

I am not a fan of beef balls or tendon, so I asked for it just with steak and brisket when I had lunch there yesterday. They obliged, and I was thrilled with the results: piles of medium-rare steak and lean, tender slices of brisket. This is one of the rare places I can get pho with brisket that is thinly sliced AND lean. I am tempted to go for all-brisket next time.

The broth was flavourful and full of noodles and sweet onions. A total win for my pho cravings.

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