Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Pho Files: Pho Tai at Golden Orchid

Occupying the former original location of Padmanadi and later an ill-fated ramen house, Golden Orchid (10626 97 Street) is the latest noodle house in Chinatown. The menu is packed with pho soups, vermicelli bowls, and various other dishes you would expect at a restaurant like this. Prices are very, very reasonable - slightly lower than some of the other restaurants in Chinatown.

I had a small bowl of steak pho for only $6.99. For a small bowl, the portion was very filling. I also loved the presentation - red and white onions were atop a mountain of medium-rare beef, atop the noodles, with a sprinkling of cilantro over everything. The aroma was fantastic and the broth was good. I had to let my meat simmer in the broth until it all cooked through - some of the pieces were quite red at first. After cooked, the meat was lean and not too chewy.

It's a nice place with friendly service. I will definitely be back.

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