Monday, December 10, 2012

The Pho Files: Pho Tai and Onion Cakes at Phat Noodle

The Phat Noodle (10347 Jasper Avenue) calls itself an "urban Vietnamese kitchen." The decor is indeed very modern, spacious, and bright. But how is the food?

I ordered a bowl of steaming pho tai, which came with the tender, lean beef slices already well done. The broth was multi-layered with flavour, but was unaccompanied by the side of herbs and sprouts (perhaps one has to ask?). Overall it was a reasonable value.

The onion cakes were light and crispy, almost to the point of shattering in certain places. I like a bit more chew. The sweet and hot sauce was definitely needed.

Overall, I would come here for the soup again.

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