Monday, December 24, 2012

Breakfast for Lunch: Beef Sausage Breakfast

I always get excited when I see beef sausage on a breakfast menu. As a non-pork eater, this is one of the few chances I have to enjoy some meat with my eggs and potatoes.

This is one reason why I had breakfast for lunch at Albert's Family Restaurant on 51 Avenue and 99 Street on Saturday. Three huge, thick, ctispy links of beef sausage were served alongside two eggs (over easy, of course) and potato pancakes (other choices included regular pancakes and toast with hashbrowns).

The best way I can describe this meal is with the word "huge." Two sausage links would have been enough (and they tasted great - not too spicy but still bold). The potato pancakes were also large, with plenty of apple sauce and sour cream on the side.

Interestingly, the server informed me that the beef sausages were new - the previous kind were the same size as regular pork sausages (which is why four were listed on the menu instead of the three I was served). Whether or not these will be kept or the old ones will return will be decided largely on customer reactions. Never having ever had the previous kind I could not comment other than I thought these current ones were excellent, if not slightly too large.

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