Monday, June 18, 2012

Grilled Beef Vermicelli at Ho Restaurant

The last few times I have visited Ho Restaurant (corner of 97 Street and 107A Avenue) I have enjoyed the pho. This evening, I decided to try something different.

I opted for vermicelli bowl with grilled beef. The size and price of the bowl was in line with other Vietnamese restaurants in the area, at around $9. The noodles were plentiful, atop a bed of salad, and topped with lots of thinly sliced, well-done beef. The beef was a bit on the spicy side for a plain grilled beef bowl, and tasted heavily of lemongrass. It got to be a bit too much towards the end of the meal.

Also, I learned something important: although there are soy sauce containers on the tables, what is inside of them is actually fish sauce. I don't care for fish sauce, which is traditionally served with a vermicelli bowl, and opt for soy sauce and hoisin instead. So, my lesson was learned the hard way. It would have been even harder for someone with a seafood allergy.

I am probably going to stick with the pho at Ho - and suggest to the owner that the fish sauce be labelled.

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