Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Getting My Fry on - Five Guys

French Fries by raise my voice
French Fries, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

An impromptu trip out to Southside Common made trying the new Edmonton location of Five Guys an easy decision.

The completely white and red decor (including the washrooms!) was a bit disconcerting for me. Boxes of peanuts to much on while waiting for one's order were all over the place.

The menu was very limited - a selection of around five burgers, a few hot dogs, and a couple of vegetarian sandwich-type items. Burgers could have many toppings added to them for free.

As my stomach was a bit out of sorts, I opted to only try Five Guys' other specialty besides burgers: fries. Regular or large, they come either Five Guys style or cajun.

My regular order of Five Guys fries was a meal in itself. I was full after eating what was in the cup alone - in addition, a healthy portion was dumped into the bag. A portion which is typical in and of itself for other places as a small order. Wow. The fries were excellent, hand cut with skin. I did not find them too salty either.

Beside me, the cajun fries were coated in spice, while the cheeseburger being consumed was huge and dripping with toppings. When I return, I will opt for a small burger, as the regular contains two patties - far too much for me to handle, along with fries, which I will refuse to forgo!

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