Sunday, June 10, 2012

Breakfast for Lunch: Steak and Eggs at The Pint

Steak and Eggs by raise my voice
Steak and Eggs, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

I wanted to grab some lunch after the Pride Parade on Saturday, and since I had an afternoon meeting in the vicinity of 109 Street I headed to The Pint for some post-Pride food and libations.

I hadn't been to The Pint in a while and was surprised by their Hangover Brunch menu. All of the items are $10 and there is quite a range from egg and meat dishes to pancakes.

I went for the Steak and Eggs and a pint of Strongbow. My steak was juicy and thick - probably the best part of the meal. My eggs done over-easy by my request were already broken by the time the dish reached my table. The "hash browns" were Tater Tots a la Humpty's, and the slices of apple really did not do much for me. The two pieces of rye toast went well with the meal and I appreciated the kitchen heeding my instructions not to butter them.

Aesthetics aside (and the fact that The Pint could probably make its own hash browns) the meal was certainly worth the money. Service was also very friendly, and it was a great spot to watch Germany vs. Portugal.

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