Friday, May 18, 2012

Moment of Truth: Ten Inch, Two Topping Pizza at Santo's

I have been visiting Santo's on a regular basis ever since it re-opened under new ownership and management this year. During these visits, I have tried numerous items representative of the new menu, from pasta to steak to breakfast.

It was finally time to stop and taste the pizza.

Santo's has always been famous for inexpensive, delicious pizza. Indeed, this is one tradition the new owners are keeping. Most of the 13 inch pizzas are within $10-$12 in price, and there are a few new additions amongst the choices.

As I was dining alone, I did not want to consume a 13 inch pizza, nor was I in a position to take any home. Fortunately, a 10 inch pizza is now available. And for only $7.95 (for two toppings) it is a value indeed.

My mushroom and black olive pizza was hot, loaded with toppings, and had a tangy sauce. Neither a traditional flat crust nor a puffy North American style, it was crispy. and stayed crispy throughout the meal. Crispy, and a little dry and hard, especially around the edges.

Still, for the price, I can't complain too much. The pizza is not quite the same as it was before, but I don't think customers will be disappointed either.

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