Sunday, April 29, 2018

Vegging Out: Pho and Vermicelli at An Chay

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Vietnamese is one of my favourite kinds of cuisine and being a non-pork and seafood eater, vegan works well for me. An Chay (11203 Jasper Avenue) is spacious, bright, and has lots of comfortable seating. The menu features spring rolls, soups, and vermicelli bowls, with the twist of everything being plant-based. Tofu and soy is mostly used for the protein. I had a vegan pho and found the flavour profile of the broth to be excellent, with lots of noodles, soft tofu, lotus root, and different kinds of mushrooms.

On a subsequent visit I ordered the three-colour vermicelli. The "pork" was very flavourful, and the mint leaves added a lot of refreshment to the dish. I almost never eat all of the salad part of the bowl, but this time I did. The "fish sauce" added a little heat but was not overpowering the way I find real fish sauce to be. Also, the spring rolls are crispy and fantastic.

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