Sunday, April 29, 2018

Vegging Out: Margherita Pizza at Die Pie

It's no secret that cheese and I don't get along well. I don't like it's flavour, texture, or smell, and quite frankly, it doesn't sit with me very well. Enter Die Pie. Or, should I say, I entered Die Pie. I was a bit hesitant because i figured if I don't really like real cheese, would I like a vegan substitute any more? I sat down at one of the wooden tables and ordered a margherita, the most basic 10-inch pizza which uses cashew as a cheese substitute (hemp is available for those with nut allergies, as is a gluten-free crust). The pizza was amazing. The creamy dollops of "cheese" had a very mellow flavour, the thick sauce accounting for most of the pizza's flavour as well as the freshness of the basil. It was like bruschetta, but enhanced. I'll definitely be back to try another pizza.

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