Sunday, June 19, 2016

Breakfast for Lunch: MEAT Breakfast

MEAT breakfast - eggs, hash browns, and brisket instead of pork. Toast is coming. #yegfood

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I ventured into MEAT for brunch a week or so ago, finding that it is still one of the few places along Whyte serving brunch where I can still get a seat. I noticed that the brunch menu has changed a wee bit, and opted for a new item: the MEAT breakfast, consisting of two eggs any style, hash browns, toast, and a choice of bacon or sausage. My eggs over-medium were perfect, and the hash browns have changed from a patty similar to a potato pancake, to a generous portion of fried and seasoned potato chunks (and I think the seasoning may have included parmesan). Instead of the pork products, I substituted with some of the pulled brisket used for MEAT's brisket benny and sandwich. The combination worked really well, and they sure gave me a lot of it. This was a hearty brunch that was well done.

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