Friday, January 16, 2015

Fried Chicken at Mercer Tavern

I was filming a rally this week that took place right around the corner from Mercer Tavern So, it just made sense to have lunch there. I had the Mercer Fried Chicken. The two hand-brined pieces were juicy and moist on the inside, and totally crispy on the outside. I opted for the siracha to the side, which was a smart move as I don't like overly spicy fried chicken. The chicken was served on top of a mountain of fresh greens, the occasional bitterness of which complemented the slight saltiness of the chicken. The potato salad was the ultimate in comfort - I just wish the menu had stated that it was finished with bacon bits, which I only discovered after tasting the smokiness in my mouth. The portion is excellent value for the money and I love the atmosphere of the place.

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