Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wor Wonton Soup, Vegan Style

I sometimes get into a groove where I keep going back to the same restaurant within a short span of time. Such has been the case lately with me and Veggie Garden.

I wanted soup, and decided to try to Wor Wonton because I have never had it before. Anywhere. It is usually full of pork and other things I don't eat for cultural reasons. So this was a rare chance to try it.

The flavour of the broth was much more intense than other vegetarian Asian soups I have had, and the abundance of tofu, veggie ham, and veggie shrimp (in addition to a goodly amount of vegetables) made the soup quite substantial. But what made it the most substantial were the wontons, which were laced with ginger and mostly sank to the bottom of the bowl because they were so heavy. I don't know what a pork wonton is supposed to taste like, but I enjoyed these vegan ones.

I have a feeling this will be my soup of choice upon return visits.

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