Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Original Combo at SFC Seoul Fried Chicken

I have been meaning to try SFC Seoul Fried Chicken for so long, I was thinking I was never going to actually make it there. Fortunately, I got there a little before the holidays, and tried a one-person combo featuring the original recipe of fried chicken, the "potato" slaw as my salad, and a corn fritter as my other side (fries would have been the other option). First of all, the chicken is amazing - so crunchy on the outside, without being too greasy, and moist as anything on the inside. The slaw was something special: shredded potato, cabbage, and yam in black sesame dressing. It was easily the most substantial slaw I have ever had. The fritter really surprised me. It was just one lone ball in a cup with sweet corn milk. I didn't miss fries at all. And at about $12, it was good value.

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