Monday, July 3, 2017

Breakfast for Lunch: Gravlax Bennies at Situation Brewing

Gravlax waffle bennies for brunch. #yegfood #eatalberta150

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I had brunch at Situation Brewing a couple of Saturdays ago. While I don't normally go for Eggs Benedict, I made an exception. I had the gravlax, which is a smoked salmon with curing that is heavy on dill and other seasonings. It was served on two fresh-made Belgian waffles, with pickled vegetables, eggs, and lots of capers. I held the cream cheese but had the hollandaise, which I normally don't care for, but it was fresh and fantastic! The side of fruit added some lightness and colour to the plate. I found the pickled vegetables a little dominating, but I loved that there were lots of capers. The buttery, sweet waffles provided a good counterpoint flavour-wise to what was otherwise a very savoury dish.

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