Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sunday Brunch at La Ronde

Birthday brunch with my friend Duane #yegfood

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I had the privilege of being invited to a special birthday celebration for a good friend a few weeks ago at La Ronde. We had Sunday brunch, and it was my first time dining in the slowly-rotating restaurant. I loved the view, and the food was divine. There was a huge selection of traditional breakfast items, an omelette station, desserts, pastries, salads, and even prime rib. It was like breakfast and supper together. I especially enjoyed a freshly-made omelette, the prime rib, and a roasted salmon dish, as well as the cold smoked salmon, and the mashed potatoes as opposed to the hash browns one typically finds at brunches. The photo above is my first helping, and the bottom my second. I was almost too stuffed for dessert, but I had a blueberry tart and brownie. The desserts were all from scratch and I was impressed by the offer for the chef to make me an Eggs Benedict to meet my dietary specifications when a comment I made that I don't eat pork products was overheard by an attentive server. She even cleaned out the pan for my omelette. My coffee and fresh orange juice kept flowing, and I did not need to eat for the rest of the day. At $42 per adult it is not for every week, but not out of line for special occasions. Plus, I got lots of great photos of the view through the windows. I look forward to coming back some day.

Brunch: round 2 #yegfood

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