Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Two Selections from Molly's Eats

Chickpea curry sandwich from @mollys_eats #yegfood

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While at the Edmonton Blues Festival this past weekend, I enjoyed some food from Molly's Eats for the first time. My first treat was a chickpea curry sandwich with mango and cucumber chutneys. The filling was substantial, vegan, and not too spicy. The mango and cucumber gave a delicious freshness, and it was served between two small pieces of naan. This was definitely a "fork sandwich." It was one of the best food truck offerings I have experienced.

Beef wrap from @mollys_eats #yegfood

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The next day, I had a wrap with beef, soy sauce, Japanese mayo, and fresh kale. The tortilla was stuffed to the max with the flavourful braised beef. It was filling and messy to eat. Next time, I will ask for a fork!

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