Saturday, January 16, 2016

Just Desserts: Sicilian Cassata Cake at Block 1912

My once a month or so treat at @block1912 #yegfood

When I am in the mood for a sweet treat on a Saturday afternoon, I usually head to Block 1912 like I did today. To go with my coffee, I had a piece of Sicilian Cassata cake. Block 1912's take on this dessert, which is an Italian fruitcake, is to have a top layer of chocolate cake between two layers of ganache. Underneath the chocolate ganache sandwich is a thick layer of cheesecake mixed with chocolate chips (just in case the top layer did not provide enough chocolate) and preserved fruits. The bottom, thin layer is an intense lemon cake. The mixture of the sweet chocolate, creamy cheesecake, and almost sour lemon is quite the taste bud combination. And, like most of the desserts at Block 1912, I could not finish it.

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