Monday, December 22, 2014

Spicy Steak and Potato Pizza at Boston Pizza

Pizza and beer night. #yegfood

I don't go out with my father and brother often. We needed a place in the west end and the only restaurant we could agree on was Boston Pizza. I had a new menu item: the spicy steak and potato pizza. Thin slices of BP's Cactus potatoes as well as thin slices of grilled steak with lots of spices topped the pizza, along with onions. I held the cheddar and opted for all mozzarella. The pizza was definitely spicy - almost to the edge of my tolerance - and the steak actually held its own with grilled flavour. The potatoes were soggy under the cheese and almost superfluous. The horseradish mayor drizzle and crispy onion straws were missing, I later realized. If you like a meaty, spicy pizza, this is a great idea - just make sure you get exactly what you order.

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