Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chai, Samosa, Dahl Combo at Remedy

Samosas, Chai, and Dahl at Remedy. #yegfood

I stopped in to the Jasper Avenue location of Remedy on Friday to grab a chai and some samosas before heading to film a rally. I decided to get the combo of one large chai, a dhal soup, and two samosas. I have never had the dhal soup before. It has a yellow lentil base, is very spicy, and if it was colder outside, would certainly have defrosted me. Many of the luscious lentils settled at the bottom of the bowl, which made the soup get thicker the further down I got. My samosas were packed with potatoes and spices, but were almost cold by the time my plate got to me. I have a feeling they were sitting while the soup was being prepared. I forgot that the chai would be waiting on the counter, but it was still warm when I finally got up to get it. I was also full for the rest of the day. At $12, this is a combo with value and flavour.

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