Sunday, March 2, 2014

Above Average Pub Grub: Gallagher's

Steak Sandwich by raise my voice
Steak Sandwich, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

I have passed by Gallagher's Pub (8937 82 Avenue) countless times when on the east side of Whyte Avenue, but never bothered to step in. The place seemed like a dive. I went there for supper yesterday evening. I was right, but it wasn't a dive in a bad way.

I was impressed with the menu and ordered a steak sandwich with fries. Although my steak was not done perfectly to my order (there was some pink and I had asked for well done), the cut was excellent - soft, with little waste. The fries were hand cut and excellent. I did not need the gravy I ordered on the side, but it was quite thick and beefy tasting. I tried a few onion rings from my dining companion's plate and they were crispy and thick.

Gallagher's certainly does not win points on atmosphere, but the drink and food prices are excellent and the culinary offerings here are way above expectations.

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