Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Pho Files: Special Beef Soup at Doan's

After a rally on a cold afternoon I was craving a bowl of warm pho. The downtown location of Doan's was the nearest Vietnamese restaurant, so I headed there.

Onion Cake

I got started with a green onion cake. The shape was rather unusual: it was not round, but straight and cut into pieces. It tasted as good as an onion cake should, which is the important thing.

Special Beef Soup

The choices for pho is not as extensive as in other restaurants, and the only option for a plain beef pho was the Special Beef soup with beef balls, medium sliced beef, well done sliced beef, and brisket. I am not a huge fan of Vietnamese beef balls as I find the texture to be too chewy, but these were all right. The other kinds of beef also varied in texture, and there was plenty of beef to be had. The broth was wonderful, very fragrant and rich. I would definitely have this again, maybe without the beef balls.

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