Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chicken Two Ways at Naanolicious

Pickled Chicken

Hanging out at Blues On Whyte for most of the day Saturday led me to have a couple of meals at the adjoining Naanolicious. The pickled chicken is probably my favourite dish there so far. The sizzling platter of chicken, sweet onions, and mushrooms are cooked to perfection in seasonings commonly used in the pickling process. However, the dish does not taste like a bunch of pickles! The chicken is sort of like tandoori but more flavourful, the onion is so sweet that it decadent, and the mushrooms absorb a lot of the flavour too. This is perfect with a piece of naan to scoop up all of the sauce.

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken

Later in the day I did a take out of a special of the day, which was grilled chicken in a teriyaki sauce with coleslaw and a piece of naan bunched up in the middle. It was a really good combination of flavours and the naan was a perfect starch. However, being bunched up in the middle made the dish a little difficult to eat - maybe it should have been cut up into wedges. The red cabbage in the coleslaw was also on the bitter side, which detracted from an otherwise fresh and delicious dish. The shining star of the meal was the chicken, which was grilled to perfection.

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