Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Minestrone Soup and Vegan Roll at Wild Earth

I went to the Laurier Heights location of Wild Earth Cafe with a colleague to do some work. She is gluten free and was thrilled by the selection of sandwiches and treats she could enjoy.

As for me, I had a bowl of minestrone soup, which was spicy and full of tomato flavour. It was also packed with protein, as a number of large beans in addition to vegetables, made up the contents. Most interestingly, chickpeas were used instead of pasta.

I also tried a vegan roll, which is the non-meat version of sausage roll. A ground mixture of a number of vegetables and spices were in the centre of a crispy, flaky pastry roll topped with sesame seeds. I am not a huge fan of sesame seeds (I find their bitter taste to detract) but all of the flavours merged together well.

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