Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bodhi Burger with Whirling Dervish Quinoa Salad

My first visit to Noorish Cafe was very enlightening. You can feel the artful, New Age vibe as soon as you walk in (there is a yoga studio in there also, as well as a small grocery area).

I had a Bodhi Burger, which is a flavourful patty of sprouted chickpeas and other grains. I loved the ginger drizzle and avocado topping. Besides having a lactose problem, I usually hate cheese and I learned that this applies to the vegan version also, which looked, smelled, and tasted almost like the real thing. As a result I did not touch the top half of the bun.

My Whirling Dervish salad was so delicious, I would come back just to have a full sized portion as a meal. The mix of quinoa, figs, and nuts was incredible.

After having a hard time deciding on a drink, I had some organic blueberry juice, which tasted almost like non-alcohol wine. I would definitely return to try one of the coffee or chai concoctions.

The menu here is a bit pricey. Also, this was my first time trying raw, vegan food and I think it shocked my system in a cleansing way. Maybe I needed it.

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  1. glad you loved our food :) you can always order the burger without cheese, I'd be happy to make it for you!