Sunday, December 4, 2011

Breakfast for Lunch: Bananas Foster French Toast Skillet

This edition of Breakfast for Lunch should actually be Breakfast for Supper, but who's keeping track? Not me! Anyways, I was pressured into going to Denny's yesterday evening. It's amazing the power someone has over me when they are the ones doing the driving.

While he gulped down his turkey dinner, I opted for something lighter, as I had a very late lunch. The Bananas Foster French Toast Skillet appeared to be exactly what I was looking for - more like a dessert. The French toast was indeed very sweet as it was cooked in a buttery caramel sauce, and topped with cooked bananas (which were a tad over-ripe). However, the meal also came with two eggs and a choice of bacon or sausage - I opted for turkey bacon, and ended up with sausage also (which my companion happily took from me).

In the future I would get the French Toast Grand Slam instead, as I found the caramel sauce just too sweet (tasty, but too sweet). This is assuming I get dragged to Denny's again, of course.

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