Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boba Island

Boba Island by raise my voice
Boba Island, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

I love bubble tea, and was thrilled to discover Boba Island (10588 100 Street).

Formerly known as The Tea Cottage, the new owner has made a radical transformation of the space. It is much brighter than before (with many different sets of lights), very clean, and has a small seating area.

Of course, the main reason to come to Boba Island is the drinks. There is a selection of bubble milk with flavours and sago (tapioca pearls), as well as ones made with fresh fruit. Most drinks are under $5, and there is a small menu of snacks on the wall, like onion cakes and pork balls.

I had a fresh avocado bubble milk ("boba," by the way, is another term for bubble tea). Often, the drink is ruined by using avocados that are over-ripe. I was happy to discover that my drink tasted fresh and perfect. Even the tapioca balls had a fresh, sweet taste to them (they are often flavourless and sometimes soggy).

If you love bubble tea, get to Boba Island. It's a delicious value.

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  1. Cool, just came across your blog. I recently went to Boba Island and loved it as well.