Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Smoked Meat Sandwich at Route 99

Smoked meat and fries #yegfood

Route 99 (8820 99 Street) is one of my favourite diners. I usually have breakfast food there, but on a visit over the weekend I decided to have a smoked meat sandwich. A decent amount of warm smoked meat deli was served with mustard (choice of regular or hot) on toasted rye. Simple and satisfying. There was butter on the toast, which I would have held had I known (the mustard was enough to add moisture. I don't like to dilute the flavour of the main filling with too much). Another couple of dollars had me pair the sandwich with fries and coleslaw. I also added gravy - and it was one of the best gravies I have had, with a rich and meaty taste without the greasy texture some have.

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