Friday, October 4, 2013

Twisted Yogurt

I would have tried Twisted Yogurt (located on Calgary Trail) sooner, but it is very far out of my way. finally, the opportunity arose this week. The selection of yogurt flavours was decent, and I combined plain with chocolate and raspberry. The chocolate was not all that rich, but the other two flavours were good. I think the selection of toppings is the biggest of all of the different fro-yo places I have tried. They even line the wall. Most of the cereals are in hanging containers that you have to release with a lever, and the stuff comes out FAST! I would prefer everything just be in bins to scoop out, because I ended up with far more Lucky Charms than I intended. It is a good thing I liked them! I would definitely come here again if I am out this way and have a craving for frozen yogurt.

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