Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tarragon and Lime Turkey Wrap

The need for a mid-afternoon snack led me to Jeffrey's Cafe and Wine Bar (9640 142 Street) today. I ordered the featured wrap, which was turkey, cucumber, tomato, and lettuce with a lime and tarragon aioli (I held the cheese).

The wrap was grilled slightly, giving the outside a pleasant crunch. Lots of smoked turkey and the associated veggies filled it out. However, the shining star of this wrap was the aioli. It did not have a strong taste, but added balance and a unique twist to what otherwise would have been a plain turkey wrap. I hope this aioli will be available for other sandwiches and wraps.

I added a small bowl of cream of turkey soup - thick, hot, and fresh. It almost had the consistency of a chowder.

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