Friday, February 8, 2013

Breakfast for Lunch: Choices at Smitty's

When I was a kid, Smitty's was a regular place my family would eat at for our pancake and French toast fix.

Now many years later, I stepped in to the Westmount location for a lunch to appreciate a valued volunteer. A current promotion is a "pick your own breakfast" menu of around 30 items. Customers can pick four, with an additional charge for extra items.

I am someone who likes eating smaller portions of more kinds of food in one sitting. Almost overwhelmed with choices, I settled on two eggs any style, two beef slider patties, two potato pancakes, and a strawberry crepe.

Even though the crepe different greatly in appearance as depicted on the menu, I easily had enough food for two people. The beef sliders tasted like basic frozen patties cooked on a barbecue, but I was pleased there was one non-pork meat selection.

I am already planning what combination I would like to have on my next visit!

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