Saturday, September 15, 2012

Balkan Burger at Kafana

Balkan Burger by raise my voice
Balkan Burger, a photo by raise my voice on Flickr.

Kafana (10803 95 Street), since its transformation to Balkan eatery from dodgy sports bar, still seems to make its living primarily from the bar section in the front - which still attracts an "interesting" clientele.

The dining section in the back has a better vibe, but fewer patrons. Although the menu only has four main items (besides a few appetizers, salads, and soups), what Kafana does, it does very well.

I had the Balkan Burger, which was, as promised HUGE. I could have had it either on a bun with roasted vegetables on top and no side, or as a dinner on top of rice with the veggies to the side. Being a lover of Salisbury steak, I had the knife and fork variety.

I almost could not finish the grilled, seasoned, thick hunk of ground beef. It was delicious, although could have been a bit more well-done in the centre. The rice pilaf is great, as are the vegetables, and I still had some grilled bread on the side (which tasted perfectly charred - like the burger).

Although I wish I did not have to, the meal was worth walking through the alcohol-soaked front area.

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