Friday, August 6, 2021

Mr. Beast Burger

Mr. Beast Burger is in Edmonton care of Reef Kitchens (one of those ghost kitchen kinds of places that have licences to reproduce food from major restaurants), and available to order online for delivery. I love trying new burgers, and went for a Beast Burger combo with a double burger, fries, and canned pop. The patties are very thin and crispy, which I think is the unique aspect of these burgers. The bun is thick and dense, with a higher bread to meat ratio than I expected. The fries were very crispy, and I would try the seasoned variety next time instead of the plain, which were very bland. Overall decent food and value, but nothing super special.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Fish and Chips from Red Lobster

I ordered fish and chips for lunch because the offerings at Red Lobster were reasonably priced and the delivery time not long. Next time I’ll opt for something else. The restaurant forgot our tartar sauce and coleslaw on both meals. The fries were average. The fish was tender and crispy, except for the bottom of the second piece which was floating on its own grease. The highlight of the meal was the signature cheddar buns, crunchy on the outside and pillowy on the inside. 

Fort Edmonton Food Update

Fort Edmonton Park has long been one of my favourite outdoor Edmonton attractions. It reopened this summer after a couple of years of renovations. Some of the new features include the Indigenous Peoples Experience and an enhanced midway. 

The food has also changed from the days of simple burgers and chicken fingers. The menus for the several food places at the park have some similarities, but different price points, with the Selkirk Hotel being the most expensive.

I had the Fort fingers and fries at Kelly’s Saloon. My three fingers were slightly over cooked,and chewy. Otherwise, the buttermilk coating was light and crispy. The curly fries were excellent - crispy and slightly spicy. The garlic mayo dip that came with the fingers also went well with the fries. 

My friend’s smoked meat sandwich was very thick. He enjoyed the side of slaw. The meat looked lean and tender to me. It’s on my list to try next time. 

You can also get an assortment of local craft sofas. I enjoy the Annex brand, especially the tangy, lemony ginger beer. In fact, you can also get actual beer from local breweries. 

Monday, August 2, 2021

Boneless Chicken at Nara Chicken and Tonkatsu

The chicken at Nara is already superb: crunchy, juicy, and never greasy. Now the chicken is easier to eat, with these boneless pieces. I had a basket of 10 pieces and was almost defeated. You can order a sauce or topping fir an extra charge. I prefer mine naked. Nara is located at 8712 149 Street.